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Popular Landrace Strains


Landrace cannabis strains refer to pure Cannabis strains that were grown in their native environment and have not been bred with any other strains. These original landrace strains originated in Africa and Asia and eventually spread globally due to the high demand and desire for the many benefits the cannabis plant provides.

Landrace strains adapted to the environments they were grown in and evolved over thousands of years. Landrace strains found today are usually grown in an environment similar to the strain’s origin and are the closest thing to the original, wild Cannabis plant species. Various landrace strains are useful for breeding due to specific survival traits, and modern cannabis strains today are mostly hybrids from various landrace strains.

Most Popular Landrace Strain Names

Many landrace strains are named after the region from which they originated. The following list is a fraction of the original landrace strains available:

Acapulco Gold – this landrace originated in Acapulco, Mexico, and was first introduced in the U.S. in the 1960s with a fairly high THC content of about 18%. This is considered a pure Sativa with energizing effects, myrcene as the prominent terpene, and a rare strain with a beautiful appearance of green, gold, and orange hairs with resinous buds.

Afghani – this is an Indica strain that originated in Afghanistan with a THC potency of about 19% and puts out an aroma of pine and citrus when cured. This landrace strain has dense buds with orange hairs, large leaves, and heavy resin production, good for promoting relaxation and sleep.

Columbian Gold – this is a pure Sativa strain discovered in South America, named after the Santa Marta mountains, and is sometimes also called Santa Marta Columbian Gold. This landrace has a fairly high THC content of about 20% with an aroma of lemon and lime due to the main terpene, limonene, along with a strong skunky smell.

Durban Poison – this is a popular Sativa landrace strain introduced in the U.S. in the 70s and first discovered in the port city of Durban, South Africa. Many people enjoy the energizing effects spurring productivity and creativity and the well-balanced flavor of orange, vanilla, and spice. Large buds and heavy trichome production make it a favorite for extracting concentrates.

Hindu Kush – another popular landrace strain, this pure Indica strain was first discovered in the Hindu Kush mountainous region between Afghanistan and Pakistan and packs a THC content of about 19%. This provides a sedated, calm feeling helping to promote sleep, and is also used to alleviate nausea, stress, and anxiety. Many cannabis users are familiar with the rich green color and amber-colored trichomes of Hindu Kush.

Lamb’s Bread – this is a popular Sativa landrace strain that originated in Jamaica and is said to be one of Bob Marley’s favorites. Also called Lamb’s Breath, the main terpene caryophyllene puts out a spicy, herbal, and woody aroma from sticky green buds.

Panama Red – this landrace strain is a Sativa with about 17% THC potency that originated in Panama, Central America. Users enjoy a sense of calm with a mix of energy and can become more talkative when toking Panama Red, recognized with dark green colors and red colored hairs.

Thai – this landrace boasts a THC potency of about 19% and is also known as Thai Stick due to the way it was dried and cured in its original Asian environment. This is a popular Sativa landrace that provides a cerebral high with calming and energizing effects.

This is a short list of some of the most popular landrace strains that many cannabis connoisseurs are already familiar with. These landrace strains have been used again and again to crossbreed a variety of high-quality, potent Cannabis seeds.

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