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Super Natural Seeds – NEW TO THE SEED CELLAR

Super Natural Seeds – Moon Mintz

Check out the brand new line of Super Natural Seeds here at the Seed Cellar! A line of gorgeous plants with phenomenal potential *wink wink* that have amazing yields.

Super Natural Seeds sprouted from a bank of female gardeners working collectively to create a line of quality seeds for amazing prices! Every seed is organically grown without pesticides in ways that lessen the environmental impact, packaged in recyclable materials, hand picked, and stored in a completely controlled environment to ensure total freshness.

Feminized Auto Flowering Seeds 5 Packs:

  • Supernova AUTO ($50.00)
    • Indica Dominant
    • Big Bud x Power Plant x Og Kush Auto
  • Rocket Fuel AUTO ($50.00)
    • Hybrid
    • Chemdawg x Jack Herer x Biodiesel Mass Auto
  • Cosmic Cupcake AUTO ($50.00)
    • Indica Dominant
    • Ice Cream Cake x Cherry Cheesecake Auto
  • Galactic Grape AUTO ($50.00)
    • Sativa Dominant
    • Purple Thai x Grape Gushers Auto

Feminized Photoperiod Seeds 5 Packs:

  • Apple Tart ($50.00)
    • Sativa Dominant; High Potential
    • (Sour Diesel x C99) x Animal Cookies x Gelatti
  • Biscotti Lime ($50.00)
    • Indica Dominant; High Potential
    • Biscotti x California Sour x Gelato
  • Black Cherry Crush ($50.00)
    • Indica Dominant; High Potential
    • Black Sugar x Forbidden Fruit x Cherry Runtz
  • Frozen Melonz ($50.00)
    • Sativa Dominant
    • Melon Gum x Watermelon Zkittlez x Iced Grapefruit
  • Glookie Monster ($50.00)
    • Indica Dominant; High Potential
    • Thin Mint GSC x OG Kush X Gorilla Glue
  • Ice Cream Cake ($50.00)
    • Indica Dominant
    • Wedding Cake x Gelato #33
  • Moon Mintz ($50.00)
    • Hybrid; High Potential
    • Kush Mints x Gushers x Blue Moonrock
  • Pink Lemon Punch ($50.00)
    • Sativa Dominant; High Potential
    • Pink Panties x Raspberry Sorbet x Chemdog
  • Raspberry Runtz ($50.00)
    • Indica Dominant
    • Raspberry Kush x White Runtz x Space Cake
  • Slusherz ($50.00)
    • Indica; High Potential
    • Slurricane x Gushers
  • Sour Orange
    • Sativa Dominant; High Potential
    • Clementine x Orange Sherbet x Tangie
  • U.F.O.G. ($50.00)
    • Indica; High Potential
    • Alien OG x Starkiller x Skywalker Kush

Super Natural Seeds are selling out fast, don’t miss out on fantastic genetics from an affordable, sustainable source.