When getting started growing cannabis, whether home growing or commercial cultivation, there are basically two choices; to start with seeds or clones. There are pros and cons to each method, and understanding the benefits and risks with each will help you to choose the approach that works best for you.

Cannabis seeds are easily accessible and reliable, although clones speed up the process and have the exact mother plant traits. So how do you know which to choose? Read on to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of growing cannabis with seeds vs. clones.

Growing Cannabis from Seeds: Pros

Here are some of the most recognized advantages of starting your grow from cannabis seeds:

  • Easy Access – There are several reputable online seed banks that make buying cannabis seeds online very accessible today. Cannabis seeds are legal in most countries and states, including U.S. States that have not legalized cannabis use. Even in states with no medical marijuana or recreational legalization, it can be perfectly legal to possess ungerminated cannabis seeds. Until you germinate or plant the seeds, current laws on cannabis cultivation or possession do not apply.
  • Sense of Satisfaction – Many growers get a huge sense of satisfaction from watching their plants sprout from seeds to seedlings and to mature, flowering plants. They feel starting from seeds is the purest method to cultivate quality marijuana, and the entire cannabis cultivation process is somewhat therapeutic. Harvest time seems even more rewarding and satisfying when it’s time to sample the buds you started from scratch.
  • Disease and Pest Resistant – Starting with pure genetic cannabis seeds that have had zero exposure to external pests, disease, or contamination gives assurances of the best chance for success. Pure genetics from quality cannabis breeders are the best building blocks for a satisfying end result with DNA that has not been exposed to a poor growing environment.
  • Feminized and Autoflowering Seeds Improve Success – Feminized and autoflowering seeds changed the way growers cultivate marijuana, with the ability to purchase feminized cannabis seeds online for near-perfect assurances of 99% or more guaranteed to be female seeds. No longer does the novice home grower have to grow with regular seeds and weed out the males before pollination. You can buy feminized or autoflowering seeds that transform to the flowering stage at a specific time period without the need to change the light schedule.


Growing Cannabis from Seeds: Cons

Disadvantages of starting your grow with seeds include:

  • Some Seeds May Be Duds – Even with the best germination practices, some seeds may not germinate. Starting with seeds from a reputable seed bank offers higher germination rates. The Seed Cellar offers cannabis seeds from top-selected breeders in original breeder packaging, along with a germination guide to improve your success.
  • Seeds Take More Time Than Clones – Starting with seeds takes a little more time than starting with a clone. A ready-to-transplant seedling can give you a jumpstart of a few weeks.
  • Slight Variations in Genotype and Phenotype – Cannabis seeds from the same plant can feature a slight variation in the genotype, the unique genetic code for that seed. There is usually a slight genetic variation from the parent to the progeny and each sibling.

    The external environment also influences plant development and specific traits. Nutrients, lighting, temperature, water methods, and humidity all affect the plant’s phenotype expression. It is more difficult to achieve a uniform crop when growing with seeds versus clones. Get your weed seeds from an online seed bank with a reputation for quality and a passion for your success.

Growing Cannabis with Clones: Pros

Here are some of the advantages of starting your cannabis grow with clones, a cutting from a vegetating mother plant:

  • Save Time with Clones – One of the best benefits of starting with a clone is that you are a few weeks closer to harvest. You don’t have to germinate the seed and wait a week or two until you have a nice seedling to get excited about.
  • Exact genetic copy of the mother – Clones carry over the exact traits of the mother that you love, such as taste, size, and yield.
  • You know you’ve got a female – Taking cuttings from a female mother will produce another female since clones are exact copies.

Growing Cannabis from Clones: Cons

Here are some of the disadvantages of starting your cannabis grow with clones:

Hard to Find – Good luck finding a clone unless you have a good friend that grows and is willing to share.

Shouldn’t be Shipped – Clones must be handled with care and are technically not legal to be shipped in most states and on a federal level. This makes accessibility even more difficult.

Must Inspect and Isolate – Clones may come from an unreliable source and could have a disease or pest infestation even if they look healthy at the moment. You should always isolate your clone to protect other currently growing plants until you are certain they are free from pests and disease. This can be tricky if you don’t have two separate grow tents or grow rooms. You could open up your whole crop to devastating results if you do not isolate your clone.

When growing cannabis from seeds, always start with high-quality seeds from a reputable seed source. The Seed Cellar is one of the largest online seed banks, with more than 3,000 quality strains from over 80 top breeders. Check out our wide selection of online seeds now and join our many customers who enjoy a high success rate for growing quality plants with quality cannabis seeds.