No matter how you consume your cannabis, through smoking, vaping, edibles, oils, or concentrates, one thing remains constant; the best smoking experiences come from the best quality of cannabis. Being able to identify top-shelf bud, also called skunk, dank or fire, from low-grade marijuana, sometimes referred to as bunk, schwag, or ditch weed, is important to start your smoke session with the best flower material possible. ( If you’re growing your own, start with high-quality cannabis seeds to product high-quality cannabis)

How to Identify High-Quality, Top-Shelf Weed

There are a few key traits you can quickly evaluate to determine the quality of your marijuana flower. Some of the most important properties that identify dank bud include the smell, look and feel of the flower material.

Smell Test for Quality Bud

What good weed smells like:

Quality weed didn’t get the nickname skunk for no reason. Different strains have different smells, although high-quality cannabis does not lack in subtlety, whether it smells like skunk, fruit, spices, sage, or flowers. Quality weed is rich in terpenes that provide a unique aromatic bouquet of senses and enhance the therapeutic effect of cannabis. The richer the fragrance, the more terpenes the bud contains, and the weed will be of high quality.

Smells that indicate poor quality weed:

It is important to recognize that poor weed can have a smell too, and not all strong, pungent smells are good. If your weed smells like a hair salon, this is a result of residual chemical solvents that can expose you to volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are toxic for consumption. Weed that smells like mowed grass contains excess chlorophyll, which creates an unpleasant and harsh smoking experience. A musty, sweaty, or ammonia smell should be avoided at all costs as this is indicative of weed that is compromised with mold or mildew, and inhaling mold spores is highly dangerous.

Look At Your Buds To Examine The Quality

Identify quality buds by appearance:

High-quality marijuana should be visually appealing with a vibrant array of colors, often with deep green buds and flaming red, orange, or purple hairs. Another indicator of top-shelf cannabis is the appearance of trichomes, those tiny, crystallized protrusions covering your bud that looks like little mushrooms under a microscope. Trichomes provide the flavor, smell, and effects cannabis provides. The more visible, frosty trichomes, the higher the quality of the weed.

Identify poor quality weed by appearance:

Marijuana that is old will appear dull brown or yellowish in color. This may not necessarily be dangerous, although it indicates that the cannabinoid content has degraded. Old weed will not have the same concentration of THC, although it may have a higher concentration of CBN, recognized for inducing sleepiness, and is a byproduct of THC degradation. If you notice any patches of white fuzz, this is mold and mildew and is dangerous to consume. Another indicator of low-quality weed is the presence of seeds and stems.

Feel Your Buds to Identify Quality Pot

What top-shelf marijuana feels like:

High-quality flower will be sticky and spongy to the touch yet break apart easily without crumbling. Any stems attached to the bud should be dry enough to snap, although the buds should not be too moist as this can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew.

What ditch weed feels like:

Marijuana flower of a low quality will often feel dry and brittle, and lightweight compared to dense, sticky quality flower. Low-quality pot will easily crumble and fall apart, creating “shake” which should be avoided if wanting to purchase top-shelf marijuana buds.

The smell, appearance, and feel of your cannabis are the most important indicators of quality buds. Other factors the conscious cannabis connoisseur may consider include ethical cultivation and company practices, as well as a diverse range of cannabinoids. With legalization sweeping the country, many dispensaries offer marijuana tested for quality. If you are still buying from your dealer, it is even more important to be able to identify quality marijuana, so you don’t get stuck with schwag.

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