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Seed Cellar’s Grower of the Month: Meet Will G.

Grower: Will G
Strain: Gorilla Treats
Breeder: Elev8
Potential: Very High (tested)

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Meet Will G.

This month we are recognizing gardener Will G. and his amazing results on Gorilla Treats from Elev8.
Will happily shared with us recently that he submitted his Gorilla Treat harvest for official testing. As a result from this test, he is delighted to share his potential results came back to match the advertised threshold of thirty two. Phenomenal! It’s important to realize, potential thresholds are never a guarantee. As a matter of fact, every gardener does something a little different with their plants. Sending finished flower out for testing is always a fun experiment for the average grower! In short, this is a fun strain for the gardeners out there that love a gorgeous green bud.

Meet Gorilla Treats:Elev8 Logo

Above all, this is a gorgeous strain reaching very high potentials and exceptionally large yields. Gorilla Treat’s aromas can be described as earthy, gassy, with a hint of sweet vanilla bean. Coupled with flavors that can be noted as intensely gassy with specks of pine, fuel chocolate and diesel.

This Elev8 strain is carefully crafted using Gorilla Breath along with Apple Fritter. Check it out here!