Humboldt Seed Company

The Seed Cellar offers only high-quality cannabis seeds like Humboldt Seed Company genetics, recognized as a leader in specialized cannabis seed breeding and strain development for more than 20 years. Humboldt Seed Company was founded in Humboldt County, CA, in 2001 by biologists dedicated to breeding high-quality medical marijuana for patients and has since evolved to the recreational market. Their mission is to expand access to the most consistent and high-quality cannabis genetics for any customer that wants to grow their own cannabis plants.

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Humboldt Seed Company

Humboldt Seed Company breeds seeds on a large farm in Northeastern Humboldt County, CA, working with only the best of the best, as quality is the number one priority. Humboldt is committed to top-tier genetics with more variety and hosted the World’s Largest Phenotype Hunt in 2018. This collaborative genetic clone pursuit partnered with local farming friends and culminated in choosing the top percentile of clones. The experienced breeders at Humboldt refined the genetics from this effort and developed original, new strains that deliver a unique variety of some of the most coveted, popular strains.

Humboldt’s pheno-hunting projects have resulted in the production of notable strains such as Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Vanilla Frosting, and Magic Melon. You can find these at The Seed Cellar, along with other favorites like Hella Jelly, Blueberry Cupcake, and many other quality, award-winning strains.

Humboldt Seeds: Regular, Fems, and Autos

Humboldt Seeds deliver top-tier genetics with more variety, bred for uniform quality from experienced breeders. Enjoy award-winning California genetics with regular seeds for experienced growers, certified feminized for any grower, and autoflowers perfect for any garden. Humboldt Seeds are guaranteed to produce at the highest potential, with experienced breeders taking great care to improve and maintain strain quality.

Humboldt regular seeds may produce both male and female plants, great for an experienced grower to yield unique characteristics. Regular seeds can be good for mother plants as they are typically strong and hearty. Consider your experience level with growing, your targeted flowering time, desired yield, and growing location when selecting regular Humboldt seeds.

Humboldt feminized seeds are sure to delight any grower, with an average of 99% or more female seeds. Humboldt was the first company to have “Certified Feminized” seeds by Leafworks Genomics, ensuring due diligence with Humboldt Seeds Company production. Growers should still monitor their cannabis plants for hermaphroditic or male traits, whether using feminized, regular seeds or clones.

Humboldt autoflower seeds are perfect for any garden, different from photoperiod strains that require a change in the length of day vs. night lighting to trigger flowering. Photoperiod strains begin flowering typically in the fall when the days get shorter or when indoor growers trigger flowering by switching the lighting to 12 hours on and 12 hours off. Autoflower seeds still require an ample amount of warmth, nutrients, water, and light, although flowering is triggered automatically, typically about 2 to 3 months after germination, depending on the strain. Autoflowers can be beneficial to beginning growers and growers who want quick turnaround without altering the light cycle or flowering before inclement weather.

Humboldt Seeds Company at The Seed Cellar

You can get all of these Humboldt seed varieties at The Seed Cellar, one of the largest online weed seed banks with over 80 breeders and more than 3,000 strains. Choose from a wide selection of Humboldt seeds with various flowering times, aromas, THC potential, and high CBD strains, with The Seed Cellar offering only the finest in quality cannabis seed genetics, delivered in original breeder packaging.

The Seed Cellar is one of the largest online cannabis seed banks, unique from other seed banks with a storefront in Michigan and knowledgeable staff ready to help with your order. Rooted in Michigan, The Seed Cellar is employee-owned and operated with founding members instrumental in the Michigan cannabis culture. We offer only the best pot seeds online from breeders practicing the finest in cannabis genetics, including Humboldt Seeds Company.