In House Genetics

The Seed Cellar offers In House Genetics seeds, recognized as a leader in cannabis seed genetics offering new cross breeds regularly and exclusive, exciting strains. Get your favorite In-House Genetics seeds from The Seed Cellar, like Sugar Cane, Black Cherry Punch, Jelly Breath S1, and more.

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In House Genetics

In House Genetics offers an unbeatable selection of high-quality cultivars developed by sourcing only the best genetics from all over the world. The Seed Cellar carries a wide selection of In-House Genetics, recognized as a leader in micro breeding and crossbreeding, and masters of the craft. When looking for weed seeds online, you can’t go wrong with In-House Genetics, with amazing terp profiles and high-yielding cannabis seeds.

The In-House team is regarded as one of the most highly reputable seed developers in the industry, focused on research and scientific development to secure their spot in the cannabis seed industry. Get In-House Genetics seeds in original breeder packaging for some of the most desired seeds in the cannabis seed industry. Enjoy potent feminized seeds or regular seeds for the experienced grower.

In House Genetics Regular Seeds

In-House Genetics offers a wide selection of regular seeds for the experienced grower that prefers to choose mother plants from regular seeds. Highly acclaimed regular seeds from In-House Genetics include favorites like Royal Silk, Hulk OG and The Mother of All Cherries, and many others for the seasoned grower. Whether you are looking for an uplifting Sativa or an Indica dominant strain, In-House Genetics has you covered with world-famous strains carefully cultivated to provide the best growing experience.

In House Genetics Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds from In-House Genetics produce only potent females without any unwanted male plants, perfect for a less experienced or novice home grower or anybody looking to stick to a plant count. You can find all your favorite feminized In-House seeds at The Seed Cellar, such as Sugar Cane, Platinum Gorilla, and many other quality fem seeds for potent female plants. Growing quality marijuana plants starts with high-quality pot seeds, and you can’t go wrong with In-House Genetics, a breeder that takes pride in their craft and never settles for less than perfect.

In House Genetics Seeds at The Seed Cellar

The Seed Cellar is one of the largest online cannabis seed banks featuring over 80 quality breeders and more than 3,000 different strains. The Seed Cellar is also one of the few online seed banks that also features a brick-and-mortar storefront and personal customer service. Rooted in Michigan, the founders of The Seed Cellar have decades of experience in the cannabis industry and have been instrumental in contributing to the cannabis movement in Michigan.

You can reach helpful, knowledgeable staff at The Seed Cellar for assistance in weeding through the many options for the type of cannabis seeds you desire. With a local store and phone number, we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and always answer the phone or return calls.

We make it simple to order high-quality marijuana seeds, the prerequisite to growing high-quality cannabis plants. All seeds are delivered in original breeder packaging, with prompt service and personal assistance in selecting your favorite strains.

The Seed Cellar is recognized as a top-quality cannabis seed bank, sourcing only the best cannabis seeds in the world. We differ from other seed banks with our personal service and commitment to your total satisfaction. Check out the wide selection of quality weed seeds online from only the best breeders in the business, including In House Genetics.