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Koby’s Organics

Get Koby’s Organics Seeds at The Seed Cellar, offering the most popular feminized and regular strains from this coveted cannabis seed collection.

Koby’s Organics Seeds

Koby’s Organics seeds date back to the late 60’s, with more than 50 years of experience in perfecting their legendary strains. Koby’s is a small operation focused on delivering true organically bred seeds with no GMO or fake nutrients, only superb cannabis seeds that grow like they are supposed to. Koby’s Organics seeds are plump and healthy, large seeds bred from a collection attained from decades of worldwide travel. The founder of Koby’s Organics started growing at a very young age after being raised on a farm. He and his wife had a love for Blues and Rock music that took them around the world for nearly forty years, meeting and working with a variety of interesting people. They would collect cannabis seeds on their journeys and settle in the mountains of California when the cannabis industry started to open up in the area. Koby’s Organics seeds were a welcome addition to many dispensaries in the Cali region as well as Nevada. Slowing down from large grow operations as time went on, Koby’s Organics focuses on consulting large grow operations and sharing the amazing genetics collected over a lifetime. Committed to doing things differently, Koby’s is purely organic and puts all their energy into developing just a few strains at the most at one time, to grow plants in the best soil and with the best organic food and clean water available. Every strain is developed from an exhaustive hunt for the best qualities and phenotypes each strain has to offer. Every strain offers different qualities in the male and female plants chosen for breeding. Koby’s Organics seeds are hand-bred without an open pollination process; they actually take the time to breed each plant manually, breeding certain branches or even buds. After each plant is grown to harvest, every seed is hand chosen to meet their strict standards providing each customer with assurances of purchasing superior cannabis seeds. These hand-selected healthy and plump cannabis seeds are then stored in a 36° seed vault to maintain a high level of quality. Koby’s Organics cannabis seeds are developed with hands-on attention for superior seeds that germinate and grow well. Koby’s are innovative and yet practical, offering high-quality cannabis seeds rooted in the West Coast but known worldwide for their stellar chemovars.

Koby’s Organics Feminized Seeds

Some of the most popular Koby’s Organics feminized cannabis seeds include: Koby’s Organics Chiang Rai Widow Train – this is a strong Sativa hybrid that is a cross between an old Thai strain crossed with White Widow and Trainwreck. Nice for outside with a longer flowering time. Koby’s Organics Grand Daddy’s Rock Candy V3 – enjoy this 3rd version of the Granddaddy’s Rock Candy breeding project, crossed with Granddaddy MAC for rock-solid buds from a larger plant. This strain magnifies the original traits in a colorful plant that is mostly Indica with great potential. Koby’s Organics seeds feature these fems and more, bred organically and hand selected for perfection.

Koby’s Organics Regular Seeds

Koby’s Organics is known for producing some of the most fire, regular seeds you’ll find on the market. A few of the most popular regs by Koby’s include: Koby’s Organics Ghost Bud Og Reg 11 pk – a cross between a special male Ghost OG and long-time fave God Bud, this is a medium plant that produces large buds with a wonderful taste and smell. Koby’s Organics Granddaddy Purple Reg – a one-of-a-kind release of the candy pheno named GDP#2, this medium to large plant stacks tasty buds with a unique taste profile. A mostly Indica purple strain with good potential in 60 days. Koby’s Organics is always dropping favorite crosses and coveted seeds with tedious, organic breeding methods and hand-selected seeds. Get Koby’s Organics at The Seed Cellar, rooted in Michigan and offering one of the largest online cannabis seed banks. Enjoy quality seeds delivered in original breeder packaging, with a wide selection of over 3,000 strains from more than 80 selected breeders. Enjoy quality cannabis seeds from The Seed Cellar, such as these superior seeds from Koby’s Organics.