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Skunk Really Works

Franklin Beans a native of SE Michigan, started breeding and cataloging cannabis seeds in 2015 as a hobby. How does a marketing major go from trying to develop an app to breeding cannabis seeds? It’s complicated.There was a winning science fair project as a kid, a family garden growing up and the struggle of trying to break into the tech field while living in rural Michigan to name a few reasons. In 2001 his mother passed away from Breast Cancer so he was always interested in alternative ways to self heal. It was a goal to create a cannabis strain to honor his mother. Growing up his mother called him Franklin, like the cartoon character so Franklin Beans seemed like a natural fit for a breeder specializing in Skunk cannabis beans. Skunk cannabis is easy to grow and provides genetic stability. The original Skunk strain is Skunk #1. It has been one of the biggest influences on cannabis genetics since it was created by David Watson in the 1970s. This heritage strain is grown by the US government for research and is a hybrid of Acapulco Gold, Colombian Gold, and Afghan. Skunk #1 is still one of the most reliable and consistent cannabis strains available. It has probably parented more cannabis varieties than any other hybrid which seemed like a logical starting point for Franklin Beans to create his own hybrid cannabis strains.