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Alphakronik Sin City Kush 2 5 pack


“Sin City Kush 2 is a backcross of Alphakronik Genes two favorite plants from the Sin City Kush hybrid mixed to create an inbred line that serves up huge yields of sugary, frost covered colas in a compact and Indica leaning package. Selected for her trichome coverage, the Sin City Kush mom in this hybrid was pollinated by a dad selected for coloration, aroma, structure, and mold resistance. The result is a line that can grow at just about any latitude, in just about every garden. The plant doesn’t take much skill or effort to grow and is perfect for beginners. Sin City Kush 2 has been tested and shown to work well in the treatment of side effects from wasting from cancer or AIDS, nausea, pain, migraines, lupus, and other auto-immune disorders.”-Alphakronik Genetics: Sin City Kush (LVPK X Snowdawg BX) X Sin City Kush Flowering Time: 55-63 days Indica/Sativa 75/25 THC: Breeder tested at 19%

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