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Elev8 M2 Reg 12 pack


M2 is the ultimate sativa high. It is a perfect example of what a sativa is supposed to feel like. When older smokers reminisce about how cannabis doesn’t feel like it did back in the 60s and 70s, this is what they are referring to. M2 is an opportunity for younger generations to experience what an exceptional sativa feels like. Sometimes you want the perfect strain to hike, socialize, talk and laugh; or a creative boost to create art or listen to music. M2 is the ultimate strain for those purposes and it has no anxiety inducing effects. It is one that makes you aware of the warm sun on your face and makes colors more vivid. M2 is a cross of four landrace sativas and the original Haze mixed in. The high is clear as a bell but powerful. The best way to describe the smell/taste is a refreshing lemon type smell. M2 takes 14 weeks to flower but worth every bit of it. She is a heavy yielder and makes up for the time.-Elev8 Genetics: Sri Lankan landrace x Thai Landrace (extinct) x Acapulco Gold (Mexican landrace) x (South African landrace x original Haze) Type: 100% Sativa Flowering Time: 14 weeks

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