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Expert Seeds Auto Kush 5 pack


Auto Kush is the perfect choice for growers with a lack of patience and a crush on a very relaxing, almost narcotic effect. The guys at Expert Seeds married off a 100% Indica Kush strain from northern Pakistan to a Canadian Ruderalis and thereby created a variety that delivers its green gold after only ten weeks. The taste and smell of the weed is typical of very aromatic Afghan hash. 16% THC. Auto Kush is quite productive for an autoflowering strain – yields in the range of 400-450g/m(2) are absolutely normal – outdoors an individual plant can produce 45 grams. The flavor and aroma of the smoked buds is typical of very aromatic Afghan hash. The inebriation triggered by the smoke is a very relaxing, almost narcotic experience, making Auto Kush a great medicine for patients suffering from insomnia, chronic pain and aching muscular tension. Type: Ruderalis/Indica/Sativa Genetics: Canadian Ruderalis x pure Kush Flowering Time: 70 days from seed to harvest

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