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Expert Seeds Expert 47 5 pack


Expert 47 is an easy to grow, medium-sized plant that produces good quality yields quickly, making it ideal for professional or private growers. It has a short, yet intense, flowering cycle for a Sativa and produces compact buds packed with THC (21%) and relatively few leaves that are very shiny owing to their high levels of accumulated resin. Winner of 7 cannabis cups, including best Sativa at the High Times Cannabis Cup 1999, making it a firm favorite for smokers and growers. Very pleasant, yet intense, long-lasting effect. Although we wouldn’t recommend using for tasks that require intense concentration, it’s an excellent option for undertaking physical activity or general daytime recreational use. Be aware that the strong odor produced during growth and when smoked might attract unwanted attention. Genetics: Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Afghan Indica/Sativa: 35/65 Flowering Time: 60-65 days

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