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Subcool’s The Dank Jack Straw 5 pack


A strong and interesting Sativa that yields well and works best in small doses is always a good combination. Jack Straw’s Sativa nature comes through by moving energy levels further and faster in the direction they seemed to be heading already when the dose is taken. Once a patient is awake, a little bit throughout the day can help keep pain in check and a day productive, but anyone who decides to have some Jack Straw when they are exhausted already (or otherwise need to be asleep soon to stay healthy) probably isn’t heading anywhere but to bed. Sometimes your body just needs to be told to do what it needs to do, and Jack Straw could be the strain to do just that. It provides good pain relief along with relaxed energy at a moderate dose. The taste and smell range from a sweet Earthiness to sweet lemon. May be helpful for: Anxiety, ADHD, depression, pain relief, nausea and difficulties related to chemo and radiation therapies.-TGA Genetics: Touch of Grey X Jack the Ripper Sativa/Indica: 80/20 Flowering Time: 63-70 days Yield: Medium to Heavy

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