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Roger On The Road (Bitsy On A Bike)


Find TreasureRoger on the Road

During Rogers annual bike trip this year, we are dropping small treasures along the way for you, our customers, to find. Follow us through the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for a chance to receive a discount on your next order and Seed Cellar swag! Follow our Roger on the Road saga here or on our social media pages!

5/31/24: Since our last post on this blog, we’ve learned Geocaching is area sensitive. Therefore none of our hidden surprises will be listed on the Geocache app officially. We’re sorry for the confusion! Don’t worry though, as we are going to post the coordinates below to find these treasures among nature! Good luck and enjoy the scenery.

Explore, use your imagination, and just breath! Good things are happening one adventure at a time.

If you find our pieces of treasures, you can redeem them instore or online.

First Drop:

45.02201 N, 84.68694 W

Second Drop:

46.30406 N, 85.48656 W

Third Drop:

46.51853 N, 87.38396 W

Fourth Drop:

46.56656 N, 87.39123 W

Fifth Drop:

47.24644 N, 88.45334 W


5/23/24: Calling all Geocache fans in the Michigan Upper Peninsula area!
The Seed Cellars very own founder and current establishment owner will be traveling on his motorcycle through the Upper Peninsula during a portion of his week long bike trip. Stayed tuned for more information on Geocache locations here as Roger & Bitsy make their way through our beautiful upper state!