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Mosca Seeds Mango Sky Auto Fem 100 pk

Mango Sky (Mango Auto x Skywalker Auto) Tropical Flavors with OG and fresh citrus on the nose and chunky buds with a pine-cone structure. Mango Sky grows a bit taller with yields on the heavier side. They typically finish in 75+ days.

Mosca Seeds Larry Bubba Gelly Auto Fem 100 pk

Larry Bubba Gelly Larry Bubba Auto x Gelato Auto Blends creamy fuel with more fuel for some terp overload. Medium-height auto-flower plants that seem to get to the flowering stage faster than your typical autoflower variety. The structure is similar to a small Christmas Tree shape. Larry Bubba Gelly finishes in 65-75 days.

Mosca Seeds Tres Grapes Auto Fem 100 pk

Tres Grapes Sky (3 Grapes x Skywalker Auto) The

Perfect modern auto-flower terpene profile that has some grape candy and

gas expressions. Short plants with thick dense buds. Resistant to most

pests. Harvest in 60-70 days.

Mosca Seeds Chem Sweet Gelly Auto Fem 100 pk

Chem Sweat Gelly (Chem Sweat x Gelato Auto) This leans to

the chem side of life with hints of gelato in most of the phenotypes.

Fat buds that have expressions that vary from rocket fuel to burnt

tires. Harvest in 70-75 days.