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CBD BlueGenius Auto Fem 100 pk


 Pinene – pine scent;
    Phytol – floral, balsamic;
    Myrcene – fruity, earthy, musky.
    Blue Genius hemp strain contains 10% to 13% CBD content.

In stock

In stock


CBD BlueGenius is a select CBD-dominant flower. It has gorgeous, fluffy, dark green buds consisting of dark purple hues with a lovely coat of crystal resin. CBD BlueGenius has a muddy and dank citrus scent that transitions to a floral berry aroma once ground up. However, it has a woody and grassy taste.

This “genius” is a sativa-dominant strain first bred and grown in Oregon. CBD BlueGenius hemp strain is believed to have three parents:

    ACDC hemp strain
    Israeli cultivar
    Ringo’s Last Seed Run

This hemp strain produces from large, fluffy flowers to small, dense flowers. These buds are wrapped in peach-colored pistils giving a sight of all aspects of this flower which are ashen green and reddish-gold. On top of that this beauty is accentuated by a heavy luscious covering of amber trichomes.  The Blue Genius hemp flowers, fragrant and covered in high CBD resin, test at 10% to 13% CBD. Blue Genius has a wide array of terpenes that is rare in developed hemp strains. 

The flowers are primarily light green but have dark purple notes coated with trichomes. The terpene profile gives the hemp flower a dark, gassy, citrus scent followed by notes of berry upon grinding.