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Humboldt Seed Company Caramel Cream Auto Fem 100 pk


Parentals: Humboldt Reserve OG x Royal Highness x Old School Cookies   
Flavor / Taste / Smell: Salted Caramel, Fuel Finish
Good Potential
Characteristics: High Terp Content
Auto Flower Version:  70-90 Days Seed to Harvest

In stock

In stock


A 2018 Phenotype Mega-Hunt winner, this terpene forward selection stood out in a sea of 10k. The growth, bud structure,  disease, pest, and mold resistance were all great, but the terpenes sealed the deal. Her terpene profile captivates you and brings you back wanting more. It’s a bit fuelly, a bit nutty, but mostly it’s rich with uncanny salty caramel and cream flavor. This feminized-only strain is part of our new farm and gardener-friendly line, easy to grow with wonderful long-lasting terpenes.