Twenty20 Mendocino TrizZlers Auto Fem 100 pk


Origins: Triangle Kush, Watermelon Zkittlez

Filial Generation: F2

Phenotypic Variation: Medium

First Sign of Flower: 19-24 days from sprout

Total Life Cycle: 72-82 days

Height: Low

Yield Index: above average

Nose: Gas, Cherry Candy, Strawberry, Fumes

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Flowers are extremely resinous with rich, nauseating terpenes. Leaf to bud ratio is extremely low. Expect a height of 3-5’ in a 2 gallon container.  For a dense canopy plant approximately 24”-30” apart in the ground or in 2+ gallon pots.  Plant closer if using smaller pots.  This cultivar is great for the flower market as well as an extractor’s dream!