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Sensi Seeds Blueberry Zkittlez Auto Fem 3 pk


Indica Hybrid
Flowering TimeAverage flowering period
HeightCompact plant
YieldHeavy yield

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Blueberry Zkittlez Automatic seeds grow into a 60% Indica / 40% Sativa plant. The lineage includes Blueberry, NL #5, Skunk Kush, and Durban. The flowers feature a fruity but complex flavor, and the aroma presents a similar profile with a touch of earthiness.  The plant is compact and doesn’t need training. Blueberry Zkittlez AutomaticThe 60% indica influence is seen in the growth pattern of Blueberry Zkittlez Automatic. Overall, it is a compact plant, with tight internodal spacing that can reach a height of 70 – 100 cm indoors. Outdoors, it is not unusual to see plants grow to at least 100 cm.

Branches on Blueberry Zkittlez Automatic are sturdy, with bright green foliage during the vegetative stage. The leaves and flowers can take on purple hues beneath the layer of thick, large-headed trichomes during the flowering stage.

Blueberry Zkittlez seeds are an automatic variety, which can be a benefit for new growers. Growers will not need to change the light schedule for flowering to begin, as the plant does it automatically. Flowering times are faster than most photoperiod plants, and Blueberry Zkittlez Automatic is ready for harvest in just 50-55 days after flowering begins.

Compact, with one central cola and a few well-developed lateral branches, Blueberry Zkittlez Automatic can yield 450 – 500 grams per m² indoors. Outdoors, harvests can reach upwards of 350 grams per plant. No special plant training techniques (such as SOG and SCROG) are needed to grow Blueberry Zkittlez Automatic successfully.

Flower development on Blueberry Zkittlez Automatic is phenomenal. Easy to see from across the grow room, big, dense buds fill the compact frame of the plant. Each colorful flower looks like it took a bath in trichomes. Bright orange stigmas decorate the green and purple plant material below. The combination of all these elements gives Blueberry Zkittlez massive bag appeal.

An easy-to-grow plant, it does very well in the controlled environment of indoor grow spaces. Outdoors, Blueberry Zkittlez Automatic is able to withstand some cold and rainy conditions commonly found in regions further from the equator.

The immediate impression on the nose is a sweet and fruity odor with a splash of grapefruit, all of which come from the sativa lineage. The indica influence on Blueberry Zkittlez Automatic is present in the faint undertones of earthiness on the backend of the inhale.

Complex, layered, and invigorating are all words used to describe the flavor palate of Blueberry Zkittlez Automatic. It begins with the taste of sweet berries and grapefruit before a citrus explosion takes over. Oranges, pineapple, and citrusy lime mojito all make their presence known amongst the concoction of tasty flavors. For an encore, the backend has detectable notes of chocolate, a rare and desired flavor.