420 Fast Buds Original Auto AK Fem 5 pk


Room: Indoor / Outdoor
Genes: Mostly Sativa
Genetics: AK 47 Autoflowering
Flowering: 9 weeks
Harvest: 400-500gr/m2
Height: 80-100cm
THC: up to 21%
CBD: Very Low

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One of the most resilient auto-flowering varieties on the planet. She can be grown indoors or outdoors and withstand all environments thanks to her pedigree genetics. Original Auto AK is very easy to grow, which makes it perfect for beginners, that packs a punch with a THC level of up to 21%, where she will grow long dense colas in just 9 weeks with citrus pine flavored buds. Despite her sativa influence, this girl is a foolproof hybrid for those who need a solid producer with a quick turnaround time, as well as commercial growers. 

Bud description
Original Auto AK has that old-school bag appeal that glistens with an eye-catching silver shimmer. The nugs will have an elongated shape that is typical of sativa strains, where the buds have stacked tightly together meaning a gram looks huge.

Smoke report
Thanks to the sativa dominance, the effects will be energizing, uplifting, and exhilarating. The high is not too racy and the edge is taken off by a mellowing out body high. Well recommended for being creative, focused, motivated, high energy, and alert, or just good company on a night out. This lady is incredible for keeping organized and getting through a long workday, has a big to-do list, and is the modern-day visionary.

Plant Appearance
Only requiring 63 days from seed to harvest, this auto-flowering hybrid has a supremely high resistance to plant disease and produces excellent results in challenging conditions. 

Original Auto AK will have long, elongated colas, that stretch the entire length of the branches. This lady grows very homogeneous, so plants can be grown closely together and yields of up to 400-500gr/m2 can be expected. 

Grow Tips
As the name suggests, you can keep firing this auto-flowering hybrid out multiple times a year, with tremendous results with very little concern about mold or mildew. Growers who live in a wet climate, or short summers can benefit from the fast-growing, rich flavors and long-lasting effects of Original Auto AK. Thanks to her short, low profile, we advise planting this strain discreetly as she is easily camouflaged.

This lady’s buds will have a compact, pointy characteristic that is hidden with resin extending to the surrounding leaves, so make sure you get the trim bin ready when harvest time comes around!

Fans of earthy, floral, and pine terpenes will love this hybrid,  as she can be described as a mix of old-school earth, with a woody pine tree spice and a touch of lemon citrus. When smoking, the aroma from a burning joint will fill the air with a fragrance of fresh forest, flowers, and lemon.