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420 Fast Buds Original Auto Cheese Fem 5 pk


Good Potential
Genetics: Cheese Autoflowering
Flowering: 9 Weeks
Harvest: 400-550 gr/m2
Height: 70-110 cm
CBD: Very Low

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A big yielding, short-sized, terpene heavyweight that is known across the globe for its distinct flavors and sweet, pungent aroma. A mix of sativa and indica genetics that express the very best in hybrid vigor.  We were able to maintain the dense bud structure and an overwhelming aroma of the Cheese and enhance the flowering time to a solid 9 weeks. This hybrid is fast to grow, and highly desirable when it comes to smell, taste, and effect. A favorite of extractors due to the great flavor profile.
Bud description
Original Auto Cheese buds are chunky and dense, with a dark green hue and dark brown pistils wrapping around them. When breaking a dry nug open, a concoction that is pungent, dank, earthy, and fruity will attack the nose, so due to her loud terpene profile, it is best to take extra precautions in public with this strain. 

Plant Appearance
This strain will grow with a short and stout growth structure with thick indica fan leaves and short internodal spacing. The buds will have a small compact appearance, and as this lady flowers the pistils will turn bright orange before fading to a dark brown. She will flower with one main cola with shorter side branches, filling out every internode with tight, greasy buds.

Grow Tips
She is very easy to grow and is one of the most productive auto-flowering strains we have ever created. Be extra vigilant when flowering this lady indoors and during the drying periods, by using a carbon filter to lessen unwanted aromas.

An easy plant to trim that produces uniform dense nugs at every branch and a super sticky and resinous hybrid

A cocktail of shaper sour, earthy, fruit with a pungent tangy edge, makes this strain one of the tastiest strains on the market that keeps on going. Extracts made from Original Auto Cheese are on another level.