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420 Fast Buds Strawberry Pie Auto Fem 5 pk


Great Potential
Genes – Mostly Indica
Flowering – 8-9 weeks
Harvest – 400-550gr/m2
Height – 60-100cm
CBD – Very Low

In stock

In stock


A true delight with a delicious aroma. This eye candy of a cultivar boasts unique colors and reeks of red berries and cookie dough that will leave your mouth watering. This Indica-dominant super-producer will be completely mature in around 9 weeks and can yield up to 550gr/m2 of chunky and dense light green flowers with pink, purple, and red highlights, contrasted by long orange pistils, giving this strain the ultimate bag appeal, perfect for commercial growers. She performs well indoors and outdoors and is very resistant to all elements, making her a great choice for outdoor growers who will benefit from the bigger yields and colorful buds. An absolute dream of a strain for extractors especially, given the insane amount of trichomes she produces.