Amsterdam Genetics Milkshake Kush Auto Fem 3 pk


Parents: AK Choco Kush x Ruderalis
Type: 80% Indica / 10% Sativa / 10% Ruderalis
Taste: Chocolate / Sweet / Spicy
Effect: Heavy Longlasting “Body Buzz”
Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks

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Milkshake Kush Feminized Autoflower seeds are some of the most easy-going, easy-growing cannabis genetics you could wish for. Don’t be fooled by the strain’s fire-and-forget sense of ease, however. Inside, she carries the full power of her AK-47 and Choco Kush descent. Indica power heavily determines the effect triggered by Milkshake Kush, making for a relaxed, mellow experience with a lovely hint of sweet and subtle fudge in the bouquet. Growers will appreciate her low-maintenance mindset as she races through her growth cycle, even in sub-perfect outdoor conditions. Highly recommended for anyone willing to give autoflowers a try!

Milkshake Kush Autoflower Cannabis Seeds
Following the resounding success of our legendary White Choco strain, popular demand for chocolate-related weed variants just kept growing. At the same time, we were looking for a suitable candidate to upgrade into an autoflowering cannabis hybrid. Since one and one equals two, we thought we’d set our AK Choco Kush up for a hot date with a cannabis ruderalis strain. We’ll admit that the result was a bit of a surprise even for our experienced breeders… Milkshake Kush autoflower seeds work like charm in almost any setting, indoors or out, even if you’re completely new to growing weed. She’s strong as an ox, and she tastes like nothing you’ve had before. She’s a fast-growing, self-sufficient little flavour bomb: a damn tasty milkshake, only without the brainfreeze.

Trading grandmother AK-47’s sativa tendencies for Choco Kush indica vibes made Milkshake Kush into a real body buzz force of nature. She’s not one to dally; you’ll feel her embrace wrap around you in a matter of seconds. As she dives deep under the surface, that physical cuddle expands into a heavy, lazy full body experience. Milkshake Kush brings you epicurean highs that delight the mind by enveloping the muscles in a loving indica hug. Euphoria follows, forcing your body further down into that sofa as your spirits is lifted to the ceiling. That’s a pretty fine and intense high for such a walk in the park to cultivate!

Medical Potential
If you’re looking to add a little cheer to your life with minimum effort, you may have found your match in Milkshake Kush Autoflower seeds. As befits a no-stress autoflower, you’ll feel your stress and worries melt away as you wind down and trigger relaxing skeleto-muscular feedback loops to ease the mind. Interestingly, Milkshake Kush is also reported to work for those dealing with chronic pain, adding up to a nice well-rounded medical potential for such a humble cannabis plant. Trust Milkshake Kush Autoflower plants to do more for you than you’ll have to do for them in return…

Flavour & Aroma
Sweetness is inevitable when you tap into the original White Choco family tree. Interestingly, though, that sweet chocolate touch has evolved into a taste reminiscent of fudge in Milkshake Kush. This exciting tone is kept from becoming overpowering by a spicy, fiery twist we managed to trace back to the AK side of the equation. Unique in all respects then, this strain is as powerful and authentic in terms of fast growth potential as in her taste and long-lingering effects.

Grow Info
No matter how wonderful her taste and her high, pure grower’s delight is the main reason to grab your pack of Milkshake Kush feminized autoflower seeds. If there was such a thing as a beginner’s cannabis strain, this lass would make a fine candidate. Anyone new to growing weed either indoors our out in the garden can achieve A-level results with this fast-paced power grower. If you’re aiming for rapid successive grows over the summer, here’s your girl. Still, even the most experienced grower will appreciate the hardy character of this fully automatic hassle-free workhorse.

Growing slightly taller than most other autoflower cannabis strains, Milkshake Kush races through the vegetative stage of her lifecycle before tumbling headlong into a stormy flowering period. Oustide in the sunshine, she prefers a little warmth, although most weather types will produce above-average results. Once she’s ready for harvest, she presents resinous buds covered in short hairs. Expect considerable yields from Milkshake Kush grows – that’s a pretty mind-blowing return on investment for a cannabis plant that demands so little yet delivers so much!