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Barney’s Farm Lemon Tree Fem 5 pk


45% Sativa, 55% Indica
Flower Time: 9 – 10 Weeks
Yield: 600 – 650 G
Genetic Lineage: Lemon Skunk, Sour Diesel
Great Potential 

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Lemon Tree is an award-winning pairing that blends in unique undertones that are nothing short of mouth-watering.  The aroma is due to the genetic lineage of Lemon Skunk and Sour Diesel, promoting a spicy lemon kick, and pine with sweet candy notes. The flavor complements the aroma of lemon and candy with a spicy woody aftertaste which is truly delicious. Lemon Tree is a high-yielding strain with a solid structure and is a great yielder even for new growers. With a short flowering time of 9-10 weeks and with 600-650g yield, you can enjoy this lemon-flavored bud in no time. Lemon Tree has the perfect balance between her indica (55%) and sativa (45 %spicy) genetics.