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Barney’s Farm Runtz Muffin Fem 5 pk


Genes – 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
Genetics – Zkittlez x Gelato #33 x Orange Punch
Harvest – 550 – 600 g/m²
Flowering – 56 – 63 days
Great Potential
CBD – 0.8%

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Barneys Farm Runtz Muffin is the result of the diligent amalgamation of Zkittlez x Gelato, this gratifying Cookies descendant will delight you with her remarkable flavors. The lab then delicately fused our orange punch to not only increase the indica % but adding significant production benefits. Experiencing this delicacy is like being wrapped up in a sweet-smelling blanket of perfumed lavender with a faint twist of clementine. Discover delightful aromas ripped straight from your childhood sweet shop – often hints of orange marzipan can be found developing during late flower. A multitude of tasty terpenes makes this strawberry delight a wonderful growing experience for any level of gardener. Subtle purple and deep green hues can be found on the finished buds, a real joy to behold, glinting like crown jewels. Heights of up to 2 meters can be expected outdoors whereas indoors this delicacy will finish at around 110-120cm after a 4-week veg period.