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BCBD Juicy Fruit Fem 5 pk


Type: Indoor / Outdoor
Flavor: Bubblegum, Candy, Sweet, Fruity, Piney
Genetics: Sativa-Dominant Hybrid
Specifics: Afghani x Thai Landraces
Flowering Time: Indoor: 8-9 weeks / Outdoor: October
Tags: Feminized, Hybrid, Indica, Indoor / Outdoor

In stock

In stock


Juicy Fruit is a potent hybrid with well-balanced effects, unmistakable aromas, flavors, and appearance. Juicy Fruit strain has an average flowering time of 8-9 weeks, it is considered one of the easier strains to grow. Depending on where you plant and grow Juicy Fruit, all you may need to do is some low-stress training techniques and you can produce yields ranging from 400 – 550 g/m2. The Juicy Fruit strain has a very distinguishable bouquet of sweet, fruity bubblegum which is mirrored in the flavors when consumed.