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Brothers Grimm Durban Nights XX Fem 9 pk


(Durban-Thai x Jack Herer) x Cinderella 99

In stock

In stock


We pollinated a very special female Durban-Thai Highflyer (SSSC) with pollen that was hormonally induced from a Jack Herer (Sensi Seeds) female. The offspring of this cross we nicknamed DTJH have a very stocky, strong structure and they’re also outrageously aromatic – as one would imagine when taking into account the amazing terpenes of both the Durban-Thai and the Jack Herer parents.

We then reversed our favorite Cinderella 99 female using colloidal silver and pollinated the DTJH female to create these 100% female seeds. The combination of Cinderella 99’s heavy resin production and ideal floralstructure adds additional yield to the heady aromatic terpenes of the DTJH. Expect them to have an intensely tropical, incense-scents. 

Flower Time: 59-70 days
Growth: This is a large vigorous plant that produces resinous buds with a huge main cola and good buds on lateral branches. 

This is a LOUD smelling plant that brings a pleasant flavor and aroma. 
She is a heavy yielder that tends to grow in a Christmas tree shape with little need for additional support.