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Brothers Grimm Grimm Glue Fem 9 pk


Lineage:  Baby Gluey x C99 female pollen donor.

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After a year of testing a clone called “Baby Gluey” we found excellent evidence that she would be exceptional for breeding; she would not herm under any stress, her yields were good, and the resin production was off the charts. We wanted to add complexity to the flavor since Baby Gluey had a heavy high with a skunky flavor. So, we STS-induced our favorite C99 female to be the pollen donor.

Hundreds of the resulting 100% female seeds were tested.  And the Cedarwood aromas wafting up from an open jar of Grimm Glue were absolutely incredible. Inhale and these sublime, woody tones dominate the flavor; upon exhaling, you taste classic Chemdog/Skunk from the Glue heritage.

These vigorous, fast-growing plants need support during flowering because they develop a lot of bud weight. The colas grow very long with chunky side buds, like sparrows rolled in confectioner’s sugar sitting on the branches. Resulting in a big yield of frosty moon rocks after the trim.

Flowering Time: 60-67 days.

Morphology: 50/50 Sativa/Indica branchy plants that yield dense buds.

How Does it Smoke? Highly potent and resinous buds with cedarwood, citrus, and skunk fragrances and flavors. 

Growing Notes: A net trellis provides perfect support for these branchy plants. Prune the plants to create multiple tops that will become the main colas of the plant.

Yield:  Very good yield if pruned and supported properly. Huge chunky buds with superb flower/leaf ratio and extreme resin production and bud density.