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Brothers Grimm Killer Queen XX Fem 9 pk


Lineage: Airborne G13/HP female x Cinderella 99 female pollen donor.

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This strain is the femme version of Killer Queen, which we created by inducing our best Cinderella 99 female with Silver Thiosulfate to create pollen. Since the pollen carries only X chromosomes, the resulting seeds are 100% female.

Killer Queen was originally created by BCGA breeder Vic High. Vic pollinated the Airborne G13/HP clone with a Brothers Grimm Cinderella 99 male.

These amazing female seeds reliably produce all the original Killer Queen fruity flavors and aromas – ranging from black cherry to Hawaiian punch.

Killer Queen remains one of the most outstanding plants in our personal collection. Like the song says, “she’s guaranteed to blow your mind… anytime.”

Flowering Time: 60-65 days.

Morphology: Mostly Indica, thick-stalked, compact, bushy plants.

How Does it Smoke?  Highly potent and resinous buds with tropical fruit fragrances and sour milk flavors. 

Growing Notes: A sturdy, robust plant that will become heavy with resinous buds so be sure to stake them up. Perfect for SOG or SCROG.

Yield: Indoors, typical plants yield 4-8 ounces. Outdoors, these plants can grow to rival a Christmas tree.