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Brothers Grimm Princess Haze XX Fem 9 pk


Lineage:  Cinderella 99 female x Princess Haze female.

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The parents of Princess Haze XX come from our most prized breeding stock. We wanted to make a 100% female seed line that reproduces the classic Princess Haze in every way, so we pollinated our favorite Cinderella 99 female known for outrageous resin production with female pollen from our favorite Princess Haze. The result is just as we hoped; a densely budded strain with great yield and bag-appeal.

The resin production is amazing – giving the flowers and bud leaves a furry white covering. Their delicious aromas range from sweet tropical flowers to acrid, funky stinkers

Flowering Time: 57-63 days.

Morphology: Hybrid Sativa/Indica growth, compact in stature with two major phenotypes: two thirds of the population are single-cola Christmas tree shapes, while the other third form multi-headed bushes.

How Does it Smoke? The smoke is either fruity sweet, with citrus and tropical fruit notes over that classic Haze flavor or stinky, funky body odors. 

Growing Notes:  We recommend supporting Princess Haze XX with a central stake. Support for the branches is also recommended, as they do pack on the weight.

Yield: Indoors, 6-8 dry ounces per plant. Outdoor yield is easily double that.