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Brothers Grimm Uptown Funk XX Fem 9 pk


Lineage : Princess female x 88G13/Afghani male x STS reverse Princess

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Starting with the famous “88 G13” female clone – we pollinated her with a pure Afghani to create a bigger, heavier yielding With intensely old world aromas. We then pollinated “princess” the mother of Cinderella 99, using a male from this 88 G13 Afghani hybrid. The population of females grown from this princess x 88G13/afghani cross grew dense colas; Heavy and covered with resin glands. The colors of the flowers were exceptional as well; lots of purple, orange and green to delight the eye. 
As the final stroke, MrSoul reversed Princess using Silver Thiosulfate (STS) To create 100% female pollen and backcrossed the above hybrid to create this all-female strain we caught Uptown Funk. Expect robust branch structure and heavy resin production on a rainbow of colorful female plants. As for the aromas, most smell of garlic and other gassy body odors. 

Flowering Time : 60 – 65 days 
Morphology : Christmas tree shapes, extreme resin producers that yield heavy, dense buds
How does it smoke? Taste all garlicky stinky, funky body odors. 
Growing Notes : We recommend supporting uptown funk with a central stake or a net trellis.
Yield : Above average to heavy yield.