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Cali Connection 22 Fem 6 pk


Type: Sativa 
Genetics: Select Jack Herer BX 
Yield: Large 
Flowering Time: 60-70 Days

In stock

In stock


Fem 22 is found in a very special batch of OG Jack Herer crosses that we created. We found her to have a very high terpene profile. Every extract that we’ve made with it has been incredible; she is an extract artist’s favorite. Yields very well with an extremely fast flowering time (60-70 days) for a Jack Herer phenotype. She’s been increased to herself which is why she now has a 22 badge. Her flavor will be more of a floral/pine/haze undertone with an incredible room smell, very similar to the taste. Yield is extremely large due to the Jack Herer and flower time is extremely fast.-Cali Connection