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Cali Connection Gelato Al Limone Fem 6 pk


Gelato al Limone

(Gelato 33 X Italian Ice rvrsd)

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In stock


 When growing Gelato al Limone, you will have a great structured plant that will provide a fantastic center kola with great lateral branching. She is a nice and easy-to-clone plant. With Gelato al Limone you will want to top and train her to get her to grow out sideways, creating a very full plant. Her yields are nice and solid but can easily be exploited to yield even more due to her heritage and structure. Her smell is a great blend of vanilla/citrus with sweet hash rounded off with a nice and complex mint undertone. She will leave your palate with a nice crisp, yet pungent taste that is long-lasting from her exotic flavor. Expect the extracts to be some of the most fragrant you have tried due to their highly exotic terpene profile. Flower Time 65-70 days