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Cali Connection Lemon Delight Fem 6 pk


Lemon Delight

(Tahoe OG Kush X Italian Ice reversed) 

In stock

In stock


 Lemon Delight is going to become a gas seeker’s dream strain. By crossing the Italian Ice to the Tahoe OG Kush, we have created a behemoth of a plant. This plant is trichrome covered with the blend of the two parents your yields are going to be killer, but the trichrome production is what will be stellar. When you smoke her, she will have the flavor and terpene profile of a Gas station, pure kerosine with an earthy undertone that just coats your mouth. The smell in the room after enjoying her is pure gas that will have you smoking more. We expect her to be very popular amongst everyone from the extract artist due to her extremely pungent terpene profile to the daily smoker. Flower Time 70 days