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Cali Connection Lemoncino Fem 6 pk



(Italian Ice 16 X Italian Ice rvrsd)

In stock

In stock


Lemoncino is one of the best of the Italian Ice grouping in our very honest opinion. We had to combine these two soon-to-be modern-day legends. You can expect a bit of a larger yielding plant compared to either parent thanks to the blend. The smell on the plants is extremely loud and pungent gas stench, filters are a must. They will grow squat and fast and then boom explode on you at flower. When you smoke her, she will have the flavor and terpene profile of a very pungent minty kerosine with an earthy lavender undertone that just coats your mouth. The smell in the room after enjoying her is intoxicating and leaves you wanting more. We expect her to be very popular among the extract artist due to her extremely pungent terpene profile Flower Time 64-69 days