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Cali Connection Red Berry Tartz Fem 6 pk


Red Berry Tartz

(Runtz X Strawberry OG reversed)

In stock

In stock


What can’t we say about Red Berry Tartz? The Strawberry OG beefed up the structure of this plant. An improved Runtz plant features a fantastic center kola and great lateral branching. She is an easy-to-grow plant. While growing Red Berry Tartz you will want to top and train her to get her to grow out sideways for you. By doing so you will be creating a very full plant. Her yields are nice but can easily be exploited to yield even more with the proper training to beef up the plant’s structure. Her smell is a great blend of gas meets citrus/berry with a sweet hash undertone. She will leave your palate coated with a nice pungent taste that is long-lasting from her exotic flavor. Expect the extracts to be some of the most fragrant you have tried due to their highly exotic terpene profile. Flower Time will be 65-70 days