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Cali Connection Strawberry Delight Fem 6 pk


Strawberry Delight

(Ingmars White Widow x Strawberry OG reversed)

In stock

In stock


 When growing Strawberry Delight, you will be utterly amazed at how easy it is to grow. She is a grower’s dream. Strawberry Delight is a great yielding plant with a solid center kola. She is an easy-to-clone plant, her great lateral branching allows you to train her sideways creating a robust full plant. She does great with all types of hardcore training (BDSM is her crutch). Due to the solid yield of both parents, expect her yields to be nice and robust. Her smell is a perfect blend of Berries with a touch of hash rounded off with a nice and complex musky vanilla cream undertone. Leaving your palate with a sweet, pungent taste that is long-lasting from her bold flavor. Expect the extracts to be some of the loudest you have tried due to her high terpene profile. Flower Time will be 68-74 days