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Cali Connection Strawberry Ice Fem 6 pk


Strawberry Ice

(Purple Punch x Strawberry OG reversed)

In stock

In stock


 The name says it all. Strawberry Ice, this plant is trichrome covered from the blend of these two parents it is insane. She is a bit of a slower vegging plant but will bush out if you let her. This is how you will be able to coax your yields to be big, but the trichrome production is what will be stellar. When you smoke her, you will get the flavor and terpene profile of a Strawberries and Gas with a very earthy, incense-like undertone that just coats your mouth. Now the room smell after enjoying her is pure incense and gas that will have you smoking more. We expect her to be very popular amongst everyone from the extract artist due to her extremely pungent terpene profile to the daily smoker. Flower Time will be 65-70 days