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Crazy Hippie Weed Sour Double Trop 12 pk Reg


Sour Double Trop was created from crossing our champion Tropicalia OG male (Hibiscus Sunrise X Ghost
Moonshine) with a Sour Trop female clone (Sour Diesel X Tropicana Cookies) obtained from a very
respected Michigan grower. 

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You can expect a vigorous, fast growing plant with exquisitely shaped dark
green 5 to 7-fingered leaves, lots of large, very sticky buds that smell very strongly of sweet diesel fuel,
and a characteristic darkening of the leaves and buds in the later bud stage to a deep purple color. The
buds are heavy and the plant may need to be supported to keep it upright! This strain has a great indica
effect that’s a bit less sedating than some due to the Tropicana Cookies sativa-dominant lineage. Because this hybrid is new, growers who like to hunt for interesting phenos may find some very
special surprises!