Delicious Seeds Caramelo Early Version Fem 5 pk


Genetics: Lavender x Lavender
Type: 70% Sativa
Flowering Time: 40 days
Yield: 500gr/m2
THC: Breeder Tested at 20%

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Early Versions are ideal for an indoor winter crop or during the normal outdoor season in zones where autumn tends to arrive very early, helping to avoid a ruined harvest due to bad weather. 
“Caramelo is a plant with mainly sativa characteristics. At the start, it may resemble an indica hybrid, though its sativa heritage becomes apparent through its growth potential and size. She gives off a very floral aroma with hints of musk, lavender, and licorice. The taste is sweet and penetrating with skunky back notes. The effect is potent and markedly sativa causing a rapid and euphoric initial high that becomes more relaxing after awhile while retaining a pleasant level of cerebral stimulation. “-Delicious Seeds