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Delicious Seeds Delicious Cookies Fem 5 pk


What would you think if we told you that we have brought together 4 of the best genetics produced in recent years in the United States in a variety? At Delicious Seeds, we have been developing this Polyhybrid for more than 3 years using genetics such as Girl Scout Cookies, Wedding Cake, 707 Headband, and Death Star that have been combined to create our new variety of DELICIOUS COOKIES.

Delicious Cookies is a medium/tall plant, due to its sativa component but with a structure and flowering times that rather resemble those of an indica, Delicious Cookies will be ready outdoors the first week of October and will be indoors. ready in 65 days.

Delicious Cookies has an almost perfect leaf-chalice ratio, making it a very easy plant to harvest and manicure.

In stock

In stock


At the terpene level, it is a complex plant worthy of the best and most demanding palates, aromas of earl gray tea, cookies, and earthy nuances are combined in this variety to surprise you in the mouth with an explosion of Made in USA flavor.

As we have mentioned before, the production of our Delicious Cookies is simply BRUTAL, with above-average yields in flower and biomass production, but even more surprising is its ability to produce trichomes that will cover the entire plant almost for completely with a complex and very attractive terpene profile.