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DJ Short Blueberry F5 Reg 5 pk


Genetics: (Temple Flo [Floral Line F3] x HTAF [Highland Thai x Afghani]) F2 
Indica/Sativa 80/20 
Flowering Time: 45-55 days

In stock

In stock


A classic strain since the 1970s, DJ Short’s Blueberry line delivers an unmistakable sweet blueberry aroma and upbeat high. Bred by DJ Short from his Temple Flo and Highland Thai Afghani, this big yielding fast-finishing varietal with a distinct pleasing aroma and flavor has been a classic cash-crop/workhorse strain for growers for decades. Blueberry has a robust and dense Indica shape with cool blue and purple hues. Bud’s smell of sweet blueberry candy and the taste is an unmistakable blueberry syrup flavor.