Dutch Passion Auto Brooklyn Sunrise Fem 7 pk


Lineage: Diesel x NYAK
Yield:  XL
THC Content: Very High
Flowering Time: 11 weeks from seed to harvest

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• Auto Brooklyn Sunrise is a fast and robust autoflower to grow. Great for both beginners and experts.

• It is a hybrid USA autoflower with a fast flowering time of 10-11 weeks on average. In the right conditions, some phenotypes can be ready from seed to harvest in as little as 9 weeks.

• Auto Brooklyn Sunrise ensures a high yield. Her THC-rich buds are bursting with resin and the excellent flower-to-leaf ratio makes the blooms easy to trim.

• This auto has a pungent and strong diesel-dominant aroma and flavour. Her buds are of the very highest quality, not inferior to most photoperiod varieties.