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Dutch Passion Auto Mokum’s Tulip Fem 7 pk


Lineage: mokum’s Tulip x Auto Colorado Cookies
Yield: XL
Family: Hybrid
Type: Classics
Great Potential
Flowering Time: 12 weeks from seed to harvest

In stock

In stock


The sweet smell of Dutch tulips, who doesn’t like it!? This sweet aroma in combination with the awesome, gassy and doughy terpene profile is as good as it gets. 

Your wish is our command, so please put your hands together for this beautiful new auto-flower!

Auto Mokum’s Tulip has beautiful purple hues in the flowers of a couple of the four phenotypes. She also has some really special vanilla tones in her terpene profile. She leans towards the gassy side, though not as gassy as her photoperiod parent. But she does pack the same punch and colors alongside the XL potential, taking around 12 weeks indoors.

Because Auto Mokum’s Tulip is a big resin producer, she can be used for making hash and gives great rosin yields. Make sure you don’t discard your trim material from this plant, as it would be a waste to just throw it away. Take the opportunity to try and make some ice-o-later hash. Or try making some rosin from the trim with greaseproof paper between hair straighteners (if you don’t own a rosin press).