Dutch Passion Critical Orange Punch Fem 10 pk


Lineage: Critical X (Grandaddy Purps X Orange Bud)
Yield: XXL
Flowering Time: 8 weeks
Family: Hybrid
Type: Orange Family
Prize Winner
THC Content: High

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Critical Orange Punch is a real fruit bomb! Due to her extensive genetic background, she has a very complex terpene profile. She is bursting with delicious, tropical-smelling citrus-like terpenes. Orange, mandarin, and lemon are the 3 most common scents and flavors. Most customers experience a wonderfully fresh, fruity, and sometimes creamy taste together with a stimulating feeling after inhaling.

With some phenotypes, the Kush background of this strain can come to the surface. This results in more berry and earthy flavors, both on the inhale & exhale.