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Dutch Passion Mokum’s Tulip Fem 5 pk


Lineage: Gelato X Sherbet
Yield: XL
Flowering Time: 8 weeks
Family: Hybrid
Type: Classics
Prize Winner
Enormous Potential

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Mokum’s Tulip is a world-class feminized hybrid. The strong growth pattern combines with her sturdy and robust plant structure to ensure that the thick buds can develop quickly and well. It does this just within 8 weeks! Most plants show a hybrid character in terms of plant/bloom structure that will lean slightly toward the Indica side. She is compact, with wide leaves, thick branches, and round flowers.

We recommend that you do not defoliate her too much and certainly do not crack and/or bend her. The strong branches can make it more difficult to use certain growing techniques such as LST (Low-Stress Training) or HST (High-Stress Training). We generally strongly advise against ‘Supercropping’, only the most experienced growers would dare to try this. Due to her strong stature, she is easy to grow and it is not necessary for beginners to master advanced growth techniques before cultivating this strain.

During the flowering phase, the plants show an average stretch for a hybrid. Her internode distance is short to medium. Flowering hairs (pistils) develop quickly after turning the clock to 12/12 bloom lighting conditions. Her buds will usually be nice, round, and very compact. The slightly larger and longer flowering plants show buds with slightly more Sativa characteristics and a very favorable flower-leaf ratio. In general, all phenotypes can be cut easily and quickly. Make sure to use gloves when cutting because all buds are packed with resin and are really sticky!