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Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough Fem 10 pk


Lineage: Original Strawberry Cough
Yield: L
Flowering Time: 9 weeks
Family: Sativa
Type: USA Special
Room: Indoor
Good Potential

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Strawberry Cough has flowers that are covered in trichomes with occasional reddish pistils and colorful purple/pinkish hues in the flower and leaves. The aroma is unmistakably that of garden-fresh strawberries. The appealing scent may also have a real candy sweetness too. Some phenotypes may express more of a peppery, spicy profile with a milder strawberry scent. These are also a real delight to smoke/vape.

The initial taste is that of ripe strawberries. On the exhale, the flavor has more of a sweeter taste with only a hint of spice. The strawberry-scented smoke from this variety can be thick and rich making you cough, hence the name.

Strawberry Cough exhibits an especially rich and flavorsome range of terpenes that any connoisseur will simply adore. A well-cured jar of resin-soaked Strawberry Cough buds is difficult to beat! Few hybrid strains can match the combination of beautiful aroma and great visual appearance.