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Elev8 Bakers Dozen Fem 39 pack Multi-pack


Bakers Dozen! This fantastic package contains 13 of our most popular strains, with 3 packs of each strain totalling 39 packs in all. So whether you’re a experienced seller looking to top up your stock, or a complete novice trying to find the right strains to sell, the Bakers Dozen is the perfect solution!

13 x strains
3  x packs of each strain
39 x packs total

Strains Include:

Apple Candie, Bakers Fruit, Cap ’N Kush, Frosty Kong, Gelato Punch, Gorilla Glue #4, Purple Cherry Popper, Quarantine Buddy, Runtz of Eden, Slow ’N Sweet, Strawberry Sugar, Tiki Tom, Shadow OG auto

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