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Elev8 McRuntz Fem 6 pk


Type: Hybrid
Genetics: MAC x White Runtz
Flowering: 9 Weeks
Yield: Good

In stock

In stock


White Runtz is an elite, hard-to-find strain that is a different phenotype from the famous Runtz cut. While there are many similarities between White Runtz and Runtz such as yield, the main differences are that White Runtz has a bit more frost and the terpene profile leans more towards lemons. 

MAC is a legendary strain that was made from an interesting cross between Alien Cookies, Columbian (landrace sativa), and Starfighter. Many report terpenes are reminiscent of dank sour citrus with spicy earthy overtones. To say that Mac is frosty is an understatement. Its buds are so covered in frost that the buds look white.